Phantom Limb - Chapter 21: Chapter 21 by rbackwards

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    Chapter 21
    When you make a promise to someone, you're being a little unreasonable. 

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      Several folks have asked, including one via PM who doesn't accept return PMs, so I thought I'd provide what information I can about the rest of MoO2. The next chapter, number 26 by my count, is in early beta. Later early beta than it was a couple of weeks ago, so there is progress. Under ideal circumstances, it would be posted in about 3 weeks. In the real world, it will probably be longer, but it's still visible in the distance.

      The Contract - Chapter 27: Scene 20.1 by Just Desserts

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        Scene 20.1

        1 Jul 1992

        Harry wished Aoife had stayed rather than Darius, but the three of them had privately agreed that she was the best one to explain “not so recent developments” to Seamus and Caitlin.  Harry was very, very glad he was not going to have to explain it to Cat, but at the same time, he wished there were some way he could cushion the blow.  Aoife had talked to him about her daughter’s mild obsession and terminal infatuation with him, calling it a first-crush that would pass after a year or two.  Considering it had only really become as pronounced as it had a few months before he left for Hogwarts, he thought it would have been much kinder to not tell her until her feelings had died on their own.  Unfortunately, the nature of his “relationship” to one Ginny Weasley was unlikely to remain a secret for long, no matter what they did.

        The Contract - Chapter 26: Scene 20.0.2 by Just Desserts

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          Scene 20.0.2

          1 Jul 1992

          “The Fosterage was a requirement of the contracts we were . . . bound by when we agreed to take care of you, Harry.”  Mr Weasley had a kindly face, and Harry could see the laugh lines around the man’s mouth.  At the moment, the frank seriousness of the patriarch’s face left him with the impression that a really big shoe was about to drop – possibly on Harry’s head.  “We think,” Mr Weasley said after a bit of silence, “that she had considerable help from someone in the magical community when she wrote those contracts.  They were extremely well crafted, better than anything I’ve read before.  And I’ve been working at the Ministry for nearly three decades.”

          The Contract - Chapter 25: Scene 20.0.1 by Just Desserts

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            Scene 20.0.1

            1 Jul 1992

            “I’d like to say it started,” Mrs Weasley began, “shortly after those horrible things that happened when you were just a toddler, Harry. The reality is it started much earlier, when I was still pregnant with Ginny, but it will be easier for me to explain it if I start with the days right after . . . well, right after you lost your parents.”

            Harry nodded his head in acquiescence when she looked at him for approval, not really caring where she started as long as he finally got some answers.

            The Contract - Chapter 24: Scene 20.0.0 by Just Desserts

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              Scene 20.0.0

              1 Jul 1992

              Harry stood a bit impatiently, waiting for his Aoife-mum to return from taking Darius to their ultimate destination.  Despite her assurances that everything would turn out okay, Harry’s efforts to remain aloof and calm about the “Big Change” - as Seamus called it - were starting to take their toll.  On the one hand, he was glad that Seamus and Cat had been banished outside while Aoife got everything rolling, but on the other hand, he could really use a distraction right now. He could hardly imagine that his favorite place to live and his near-brother were about to be set aside so he could be transplanted to a new family and a new non-home abode to occupy. 

              With a soft crack, Aoife stood in front of him again, and he could see her own anxiety etched on her face.  She said nothing for a time, and then she enveloped Harry in a crushing hug.

              The Contract - Chapter 23: Scene 18.0 by Just Desserts

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                Scene 18.0

                20 Jun 1992


                “Ravenclaw, eh?” Seamus said as he dropped into the seat next to Michael, the train slowly starting to rock as it picked up speed.  “Don’t know why I didn’t think you Claws had it in you to win the cup.”

                Michael shrugged briefly, amusement playing across his face.  “Well, when it comes to points for academic achievement, who else should win?”

                “Okay, you two,” Harry interjected to stop the argument before it could start yet again.  “Michael’s house is smart, the Puffs are good at Quidditch this year, and we’re all still friends.  Right, Ron?”

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                  I'm not a fan of these, not by a long shot, but knickergate takes the biscuit.

                  Those who missed the original posting (it's been pulled) can catch up here whilst the comments can be found here

                  What really disappoints me, is that no one mentions the Nazis or Hitler! What is the internet coming to, eh?

                  The Contract - Chapter 22: Scene 13.0 by Just Desserts

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                    Scene 13.0

                    1 Jan 1992

                    “Bye, Harry, Seamus,” Hermione said as she headed to the floo connection in the living room.  “It was nice to meet you, Cat.”  She smiled brightly, but Cat offered only a half-wave and a borderline pout, which had Seamus nudging Harry in the ribs.

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