parakletos's blog: The Promise You Make as a Writer

    I'm still reading Elements of Fiction Writing - Beginnings, Middles & Ends, by Nacy Kress and have continued to listen to Fledgling as I slowly level my WoW characters to 85. I've now finished Fledgling and I am ready to pronounce judgement :)

    parakletos's blog: Start well

      I was reading the book, Elements of Fiction Writing - Beginnings, Middles & Ends, by Nacy Kress again this week and she suggested at the end of the first chapter that we go back and read stuff we liked and disliked at looked at the openings and see how strong - or not- they were.

      I tend to start my chapters in a passive manner such as the opening paragraph from the first chapter of Twelve Months:

      - Chapter 14: Past, Present and Future by parakletos

        Chapter number: 

        “So,” he said as she approached him his eyes defiant, his posture likewise daring her to berate him.

        “So,” she echoed as if she too dared him to disagree with her.

        “It’s been a while,” he replied simply.

        “Whose fault is that?”

        “You mean was.”

        “Do I?”

        “You do, well I hope you do.”

        “And if I don’t?”

        “Then this is going to get messy very quickly.”

        Neither of them spoke instead they just stared at each other. Around them members of Ginny’s family stood watching as the two protagonists weighed each other up.

        rbackwards's blog: Magic and theology are odd bedmates on a lumpy mattress

          Lately I have been thinking about how weird it is to see traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs sort of mashed-up with the magical stuff. It often presents as a deliberate attempt on the part of the author to say, "See, magic folks aren't heathens, so it's okay for me to like them" or something. Or it shows up at as the bizarre "Jesus was a wizard" idea, which is kind of strange as a defense of the presence of religion as it implies that miracles were conjuring tricks and that all of those people who followed that were being fooled or at best utterly mistaken.

          parakletos's blog: Nano Win!

            I passed the 50k mark a few minutes ago, with my 50,000th word being 'question'.

            It is a hard slog, especially for someone like me who has been very undisciplined in my writing. There are bits that I now are really bad and the couple I had pencilled in as the main characters proved to be very dull. Thankfully I find some very interesting characters that I hadn't dreamed about who made the whole experience far more interesting.

            Rhetor's blog: "Tenure Track" now available online!

              My short story "Tenure Track," which I wrote during Week 6 of Clarion (and which is composed entirely of documents!) is now available for free on Cosmos Online.


              parakletos's blog: Is the Lustre Beginning to Fade?

                I suppose that the title could apply to many things, including the Cannon's Challenge for a place in Europe (never mind actually winning the league) for one.

                But, I digress, if only slightly.

                - Chapter 13: This Doormat is leaving by parakletos

                  Chapter number: 

                  “Where is he, Kreacher?”

                  She scanned the room around her searching for anything that might betray his whereabouts. Finding nothing useful she turned back to the only being that might be able to help her.

                  The wizened house-elf regarded her with mild curiosity and try as she might be failed to wilt under her most intimidating stare. Finally he spoke, his words dripping with sarcasm and ennui.

                  “Kreacher is pleased to see a friend of Master Harry, too.”

                  Ginny hadn’t felt so patronised since Hermione tried to talk her out of requesting that Harry ‘give her some space’.

                  parakletos's blog: Taking the plunge

                    The new laptop arrives tomorrow and its a Mac, so stand by for a load of rants as to how crap Macs are and why did I ever leave and will Bill let me come back etc. Seriously though, I'm looking forward to it and I trust that all the advice I've been given is correct. The one thing I will miss is my speech recognition software. yes I know that I can get it for the Mac but its something else to buy and I've spent enough as it is.

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