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    It's been a while. A really, really long while. But another chapter is looming. It's actually gone off to beta (your copy is coming, mp) and will be posted whenever we finish arguing about commas and whether or not the reader knows who the hell I'm talking about at the end of a rambling paragraph-long sentence. And my two betas are really good at helping me not go way out where the buses don't run.

    parakletos's blog: Serpentine Serenade - fic rec and other things

      Stumbled across this on fanfic.net.

      It's premise is Slytherin Harry looking after a newly sorted Slytherin Ginny. Its an Idea I've played around with for a while on and off a but never published and its quite nice to see decent stab being made at it. Not quite as dark or as formal as my efforts but still worth a read.


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        It's too early in the morning for this.

        The site's database crashed for reasons not immediately obvious. I dumped the corrupt one and will look at the access log and error logs (did we forget to mention everything is logged? other than PM contents, that is) to see what triggered it.

        rbackwards's blog: A sort of logic problem

          Killing tears the soul apart, but seemingly that would happen only if the person feels that the act is deeply wrong. So how is a horcrux made by someone who’s a psychopath? The only answer is, apparently, according to JKR, Voldemort isn’t one. So he kills and tortures, but he's not a sociopath.


          parakletos's blog: Best of 2010 Awards

            Over at H&G OTP on Lj the nominations are open for their Best of 2010 awards

            These tend to be a bit incestuous, but that doesn't mean that good writers and artists can't win as well. There is no "This is the same tired plot device but you'll love it anyways (sic)" award but perhaps next year :p

            It's that time of year again! 2010 may have come and gone, but the fabulous fic and gorgeous artwork we loved all year stays with us. Which pieces will you remember? What stories have you added to your list of favourites over the last twelve months?

            moshpit's blog: Just an excerpt

              Part of the front-matter for Echoes 31, not beta'd.  Provided for entertainment purposes only, and subject to revision once the beta meta grinder cranks up on the next block of material.   And no, I have not given up writing or Echoes.  Sheesh, I've said that often enough.

              Anger : 31 :  Only Human


              A new beginning - Chapter 1: A new beginning by Chatmandu

                Chapter number: 

                Harry’s semi-sleep state was jarred to complete wakefulness by the jostling of his shoulder. His wand was pointed at the offender before he had finished blinking the sleep from his eyes.

                Kreacher ignored the wand poking his chest, ““My pardon, Master Harry, you asked Kreacher to wake you at half past the dawn hour.”

                - Chapter 15: Twelve Months - The Trio reunited by parakletos

                  Chapter number: 

                  “Are you sure you don’t want to come Ginny?” Harry asked as searched under his bed for his trainers.

                  Ginny watched amusedly as her boyfriend’s bottom wiggled in the air as his search continued.

                  “No, I’m sure,” she replied less than convincingly. In truth she really did want to come along but she had so many other things demanding her attention she could afford to take the night off.

                  parakletos's blog: Want to write but.....

                    I want to write, but can't get focussed. So......

                    I'm looking for five prompts, H&G of course, from people. However, there is a twist; it has to be a rewrite. It can be a fic you love or one you hate. It will be a minimum 500 words but unlikely to be multi-chaptered.

                    Any takers?

                    Update: I have 1000 words for the first but I'm struggling on the second one. I keep writing them older than they are supposed to be.

                    First Prompt: Harry and Sirius on the run together.
                    Second prompt: Teenage Harry and Ginny together on an adventure

                    X posted to LJ

                    Meaning of One, Part Two: Chambers and Secrets - Chapter 26: Scripts by Sovran

                      Chapter number: 

                      After only a few hours of sleep, Ginny roused her brothers and chivvied them down to the common room to see Madam Pomfrey.  The matron started with Ginny, making her drink several potions and breathe deeply within the heady steam of another.  After a quick scrutiny of Ron and the twins, who were still tousled and dirty from their trip into the forest, she repeated the procedure on them.  Madam Pomfrey did not speak except to give instructions, but her lips thinned as she worked.  By the time she was finished with all of them, she looked as though she were keeping herself from scolding them only through the sheer strength of her locked jaw.

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