parakletos's blog: Reporting in

    Thought I'd drop in and say hello, let people know what I'm up to, what I'm writing.

    Leaving aside the normal 'real life ' stuff (including the fact I'm back to taking exams at 50) I'll let you know what I'm working on.

    I sense that I'm on the way out of HP fanfic, but I don't think I'm alone in that. The last thing I published - The Day That Ginny Weasley Came To Stay - received some very hostile feedback including accusations of it being misogynistic and seemed to indicate that what I have to offer doesn't fit the mood.

    Rhetor's blog: "Keeping Tabs" Now Available Online

      My story "Keeping Tabs" can now be read at the online magazine Abyss & Apex.

      Keeping Tabs

      "Keeping Tabs" was both my Week 2 and Week 5 story at Clarion.

      Phantom Limb - Chapter 22: Chapter 22 by rbackwards

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        I want you to imagine for a moment that I began my story another way, that - rather than gradually opening your eyes to this raveled and many-eyed creature on your chest staring back at you - you awakened, as all readers do when reading a story for the first time, to a dream of great clarity and a moment of realization. Yes. Awakened to a dream.

        rbackwards's blog: No, really this time.

          I just posted my next chapter. I'm very curious to hear what people think of it. It's definitely a tangent, and that must come as a shock to those accustomed to my economical and highly focused prose, but I'm thinking a lot about what it is to tell a story (since that's a sub-theme in this one), and so here are a few. Anyway, please enjoy.

          parakletos's blog: The Day that Ginny Weasley Came To Stay

            Title: The Day that Ginny Weasley Came to Stay

            Rating: R

            Summary: Harry struggles to deal with his hormones whilst Ginny tries to find herself. A Post DH bit of fun featuring a manipulative but genial Kreacher, a Genre Savvy Harry and a new Mistress of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black.

            Word Count: 5329


            Sorry for the non-working link

            Sovran's blog: Status Update

              I recently found myself with a precious weekend day free, and during that time I managed to finally (finally!) finish drafting the next chapter of MoO2. A while after that, I actually managed to edit the thing and send it into the beta process. I'm sure that process will take a while, but I thought I should put out the word that things are creeping forward.

              parakletos's blog: Fic rec

                Title: The Ever-Locked Room
                Author: scarysnapey
                Pairing: Harry/Ginny, James Potter, Lily Potter, Kingsley Shacklebolt
                Rating: PG13
                Word Count: 6805
                Summary: There is something Harry knows that he cannot teach her, a spell that her lips won’t form, a game with rules that don’t make sense. Harry marries Ginny with such a strong sense of what love is that Ginny has no time to figure it out for herself.

                Read it, you won't regret it.


                parakletos's blog: ropes of ...

                  Had a great laugh at the expense of this fic, where the sex is bad and Mrs Malaprop rules.

                  Here is an example:

                  she stopped her menstruations releasing him with a wet pop sound


                  parakletos's blog: Open House at The Writer Magazine website

                    The Write Magazine currently has an open house on their website so visitors can see stuff normally available to members.


                    - Chapter 8: 6th September by parakletos

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                      This came back from beta 2 months ago but various issues have kept in in my inbox rather than being posted. Thanks to Dave and others for their help, any remaining errors are mine.


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