moshpit's blog: Dusting off the files

    Life turned out to be a bigger pain than anticipated. It would up being metastatic cancer, which just sucks all around, but what can you do? One day at a time.

    It took me about a week, but I did eventually remember the passwords to my Gmail, SIYE, and FFnet accounts. Given that I used to type them in daily, who would have thought I would need help to recover them? Now I'm wondering if I can remember how to post on this site, which is a bit involved for an author.

    Sovran's blog: Peering into the Past

      More or less randomly, I found myself thinking about Ages today. I went back and read it again on SIYE, and then for the sake of my ego I read the comments. I noticed that in several places I'd responded to reviews by saying that my first draft had been much less clear than the final version. So, still curious, I dug up that very first draft. It's pasted below, in case anyone else is curious.

      parakletos's blog: Writing Resources - Podcasts

        One thing that I've done in my three months without work is to try and hone my writing skills and I've found podcasts a great help in this.

        The ones that I've found most useful so far are Writing Excuses and The Roundtable Podcast.

        Writing Excuses

        Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.

        parakletos's blog: Revisiting the classics

          As I continue with my enforced period of leisure I've been reading more of the stories that I've loved over the last 8 years or so since I first happened upon HP fanfic.

          Three that have made their way across my screen recently are:

          The Order of the Phoenix by Ruskbyte

          Taking Control by Fake a smile

          Fate's Debt by Intromit

          All three were stories that I really liked, but they've not all aged well.

          The one that was the least satisfying was The Order of the Phoenix. I think its a great idea, but now I think its poor executed and very annoying. I didn't finish reading it.

          parakletos's blog: Sword and Laser anthology

            I tried to post this as a forum post but apparently I couldn't enter the correct number and letters to prove I'm not a bot :)4

            On to the post....

            If you listen to the podcast or watch the video show you might know this, but Sword and Laser are putting together an anthology.

            Submissions are open until 15th May 2013 and more details can be found on the link below.


            parakletos's blog: The Letters of Summer

              I've been rereading this as I have time on my hands as I have been made redundant.

              Aside from the writers style, its interesting to see what was still up for grabs at the time. One line that stood out was this one.

              “The problem, Harry, is that the Disarming charm works best in academic settings, not in real world application. A wizard who has a death grip on his wand will not be disarmed with that spell. A properly configured wand will not respond to it either.”

              moshpit's blog: Three years

                It's been three years since I updated Echoes.

                Again: No, it's not abandoned. I said I wouldn't, and in the untimely event of my death, my wife has instructions on what to post, how, and where for the full overview and chapter-by-chapter sketches and the portions that are fully written.

                rbackwards's blog: Was Tom okay with six?

                  Seven is the powerful number. So that's what Tom would have gone for. You would think after he was resurrected that he might have said to himself, well, let me get back to that horcrux business. And he did, I think, because he made Nagini one. (I'm assuming he did this after he was resurrected.) So he'd be thinking "Now that I'm back, let me up the count to six. And then one more should do it."  Or am I wrong?  Did Tom know what Harry was?  No, because he wouldn't have been so eager to kill him.  So why didn't he end up with eight and mess everything up?

                  rbackwards's blog: Wouldn't it have been simpler if...

                    THere are a million of these. It's almost why fan fiction was invented. But there are questions that bear asking, and that have been answered by someone, surely.

                    rbackwards's blog: So. iBooks.

                      I downloaded iBooks Author the other day and began thinking about making Phantom Limb into the media-rich mess I'd always imagined. Embedded music (of my own) and artwork (not my own, as I can only draw pictures that make my little girl laugh) and typefaces and formatting that I like. Really interesting. Especially when I'm trying to avoid doing something useful, like finishing the story. Then I thought - I wonder if the iBook Store has a policy covering derivative fiction, and I wonder if (since I'd be distributing it for free) I'd get into trouble.

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