parakletos's blog: Sins of the Fathers chapter 11

    I'm now working on this chapter so I thought, as a way of keeping me honest, I'd blog my progress.

    I have my outline, but reviewing it today, there's the possibility that I'll split it into two, possibly three chapters. I'd like to avoid long chapters as I need to keep the momentum on this going and I think a chapter of more than 10k words would be unwise.

    Current word count : 0

    - Chapter 11: Chapter 9 and 3/4 by parakletos

      Chapter number: 

      9 3/4: Letters From Home

      The Burrow

      14th September

      My Dear Ginny,

      What a joy to receive a letter from you so soon after your arrival at Hogwarts. I wish Ron would write, but he — like his brothers — doesn't. What's a mum to do, eh? Boys!

      - Chapter 10: 8th September by parakletos

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        He was awake.

        His pleasure at his finally being awake was tempered by a general disorientation that had him gripping the sheets as he waited for it to pass.

        Judging by the pale light creeping through the large infirmary windows, he guessed that it was somewhere between five and six in the morning. Reaching for his glasses, he was pleasantly surprised by the way they sprung into his hand from the side table next to his bed.

        So, my magic is back, good!

        - Chapter 9: 7th September by parakletos

          Chapter number: 

          The next two days were simply hell for Ginny as conflicting emotions battled for supremacy. At first, she had burned with righteous anger, smarting from the betrayal she felt. But then worry, bordering on despair, had replaced anger as she’d fretted that Harry would not survive his latest trial.

          parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers

            In a move that surprised even me, I started to update this story.

            I'd posted scenes from chapter ten on LJ a fair time ago, but never followed it up. I've now rewritten that chapter which now needs an Alpha check before being Beta read. I've also sorted out the ending. Its not the ending I'd planned - that disappeared in a dodgy backup- but up its close. There's a couple of new twists as well.

            All being well, it'll make some sort of appearance this weekend.


            Chatmandu's blog: Something that has begun to annoy me in fanfic stories

              Why do so many authors have Harry crying? Unless there is some sort of background for an emotional Harry, he doesn't cry. Ever. Well, there is the hospital wing scene after Voldemort's re-embodiment, but even then he he doesn't completely let go.

              skummer's blog: Hiccups and hate

                You may have noticed some unstableness. The site came and went today. Lots of error messages.

                Aside from having a serious case of hate for the hosting provider's not-discussed blanket upgrade of software versions and OSes, things were fixed. All the features that have been a little flakey were working. I even posted a nice little blog saying "Please go test those things that were problematic.." - like those stories people were unable to read due to memory limit problems.

                parakletos's blog: Life in the old dog yet?

                  ... or just a dead cat bounce?

                  Recently, SIYE has had a series of stories I've been reading rather than the odd one or two now and again. I wonder whether this signifies a resurgence of interest and motivation or whether its coincidence.

         seems to churn out stories with narrower and narrower scope so pehaps it is just coincidence but when I saw Erasing The Future had been updated I began to wonder.

                  Chatmandu's blog: Theory about the diary of TM Riddle

                    There are some essays at a site about the individual book plots. An interesting one concerns The Chamber of Secrets. The author makes the case that Ginny Weasley was not the target of choice for the diary merely the victim of Lucius' anger at Arthur in the book store. The essay lays out the theory that Lucius had planned Harry to get the diary and had been planning that probably for several months. I don't think I've read any fanfic exploring that plot.

                    kb0's blog: Err, hello again?

                      Err, hello again? (tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

                      I hope everyone is doing well. I think this is the first time I've logged onto this site in like 2 years. I think I got super busy back then and the habit of coming here was broken. So my apologies if I owe anyone any replies. Send the messages to me again and I'll really try to come back again a lot faster next time to answer. :)

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