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    When I logged on this morning there was me and 500 guests :-) what sort of traffic do we normally get on the site?

    - Chapter 5: 3rd September by parakletos

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      Despite her bad night, Ginny was out in the grounds heading towards the Quidditch Stadium whilst the rest of the school were still fast asleep. The exception, at least amongst the students, was of course Harry Potter, who she had been told was also prone to begin the day with exercise.

      Each of her strides was dogged by thoughts of him in full flow, his lean body glistening with a sheen of designer perspiration as he pushed his body through an impossible set of exercises.

      Sovran's blog: Status update (such as it is)

        I'm still alive. I'm taking two courses at once and sniffing around the job market, all of which are taking up a lot of time. I'm also having to do some spring-related work on the house, which is taking up even more time. I have a wife around here somewhere, and she seems to like to take up my time. I've recently discovered that sleep is, in fact, necessary, and it takes up a shocking amount of time if you let it.

        So I have very little time.

        parakletos's blog: A request for tech input

          The very talented Stmargarets received this request from our good friend Sherylyn.

          A technical/computer-type question - something about file sharing?
          My dear beta, sherylyn wanted me to ask this question for her. Since I don't quite know what it means, I'll just copy it under the cut. Leave her an answer in the comments if you know:

          I know we've touched on this before but if you feel able pop over to Lj or email Sherry direct.

          parakletos's blog: Would a year really make that much difference?

            Looking through one of the last fics in the takinginturns fest over at LJ there is one which properly fits the AU.

            - Chapter 4: 2nd September by parakletos

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              parakletos's blog: The Shipper Manifesto Challenge: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

                cwarbeck bravely took up the challenge to write a shippers manifesto for the H&G ship. For those of you who joined fandom relatively late one, these were all the rage early on in fandom but are a bit redundant these days. I've included a link to the post on Lj that includes fic recs to go with the ship.

                Making lists of 'must read' fics is always fraught with difficulty and none of the fics would be on my list.

                Three that would be are:

                Meaning of One, Part Two: Chambers and Secrets - Chapter 25: Intrusions, Part 2 by Sovran

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                  Ginny climbed up the boys’ staircase to the fourth-year dormitory and crept inside.  Lee, Fred, and George were all asleep with their curtains open.  She tiptoed to the side of Fred’s bed and knelt next to it.  “Fred,” she whispered, putting one hand on his shoulder.

                  His eyes opened, but she put her hand over his mouth before he could speak.  “I need to talk to you and George. Meet me downstairs?”

                  moshpit's blog: Alive and Kicking

                    Since I periodically get pinged or PM'd for "is this abandoned?" type of queries, or "are you still alive?" issues . . . I thought I'd post a brief summary of status here.

                    The limiting factor in my writing -- as for most people -- is my free time. My work environment has done everything possible to remove the concept of free time, such that when coupled to my personal life I have about 1.5 hours per week "to myself" to do as I wish. That makes it hard to do anything at all with Echoes, and that's partly why I started little drabbles like The Contract or the other bunny trails.

                    parakletos's blog: Its been nearly a year but its nearly there.....

                      Mornings had always been Harry’s favourite part of the day. No matter how controlled or scripted his life had been, he’d always taken the trouble to wake before the appointed time and today was no exception.

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