Realization about Seventeen and Phoenix

    I recently started re-reading some of my old short stories. When I got to Seventeen - always a favorite of mine - I remembered that I had once considered writing a sequel showing Harry's return from the war. I bounced those ideas around a little and then decided to let them sit and see what would happen. A little later, I realized that in the most important ways, I'd already written that sequel in Phoenix. The most interesting part of both stories is the idea that Ginny needed to stay behind for very good and valid reasons. Seventeen deals with H/G reaching that understanding and acting on it, while Phoenix shows why it was truly necessary. There are some minor disconnects between the two, but I think I would have to change less than ten words of Phoenix to make it line up as a real sequel. I might even get away with simply changing the word "tent" to "trunk."

    I don't know that this realization changes anything, but I found it interesting, so I thought I'd share.