Original Fiction on Metafic

Original Fiction on Metafic
Metafic now has the capacity to host original fiction written by our current author list. Authors may post either public fiction or ‘unpublished’ fiction. Public fiction will be visible to anyone who visits the site, including unregistered visitors. Unpublished fiction will only be visible to registered users who apply for a new role called ‘authenticated readers.’

The reason for this is that many publishers, whether in print or online, will not publish a story which has already been made publicly available. If we allowed site visitors to see all original fiction, then those stories probably would not be considered publishable by magazines and other formal publishers. By requiring registration and special permissions to see some original fiction, we preserve our authors’ ability to someday have those stories published.

If you are an author and are interested in posting original fiction, see the FAQ item called “How do I post original fiction?”

If you are a reader and you would like to request access to read unpublished original fiction, see the FAQ item called “How do I request access to unpublished original fiction?”

Please note that by joining the "Authenticated Readers" group, you agree that you won't copy any part of the stories, or discuss them anywhere except in comments made on Metafic itself.

In other news, we have updated the site’s chat feature. It’s now faster, more reliable, and much more fully-featured. Check it out here.


you know, this had never

you know, this had never occurred to me, so thanks the thinking of it.

Very well-hidden

So far, so good. I've posted an original story and made myself an authenticated reader.

But you may have done too good a job of hiding the "private" original stories. The story doesn't come up (even when I'm logged in) on the "story" link or the "advanced story search" link or under my name on the "authors" link. It appears that the only way to find it is by using the "recent posts" link.

So now we need a way for the authenticated users to be able to find the stories.

Actually, that's only

Actually, that's only because it hasn't been validated yet. As soon as it is, all the authenticated readers will be able to see it both in the Stories list and the Story Search.



Authenticated Readers

Come to that has anyones Authenticated Reader status been validated yet? It doesn't seem to show up in the user list, and I can't find anywhere else on the site that lists what roles I have or have applied for.

- SC

All the applications so far

All the applications so far have been approved. (You can check for yourself that you cannot apply for auth readers anymore.)

You should also now have access to stories marked with a small key icon. Those are protected entries.