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Sovran's blog: Realization about Seventeen and Phoenix

    I recently started re-reading some of my old short stories. When I got to Seventeen - always a favorite of mine - I remembered that I had once considered writing a sequel showing Harry's return from the war. I bounced those ideas around a little and then decided to let them sit and see what would happen. A little later, I realized that in the most important ways, I'd already written that sequel in Phoenix.

    Sovran's blog: The Law & the Heart

      Kenneth Schneyer, known here on Metafic as Rhetor, has recently had a book of his original science fiction published by Stillpoint/Prometheus. Check it out on Amazon here:

      Pick up a copy; it's worth the read.

      Sovran's blog: Peering into the Past

        More or less randomly, I found myself thinking about Ages today. I went back and read it again on SIYE, and then for the sake of my ego I read the comments. I noticed that in several places I'd responded to reviews by saying that my first draft had been much less clear than the final version. So, still curious, I dug up that very first draft. It's pasted below, in case anyone else is curious.

        Sovran's blog: Status Update

          I recently found myself with a precious weekend day free, and during that time I managed to finally (finally!) finish drafting the next chapter of MoO2. A while after that, I actually managed to edit the thing and send it into the beta process. I'm sure that process will take a while, but I thought I should put out the word that things are creeping forward.

          Sovran's blog: MoO2 Status Update & Excerpt

            Several folks have asked, including one via PM who doesn't accept return PMs, so I thought I'd provide what information I can about the rest of MoO2. The next chapter, number 26 by my count, is in early beta. Later early beta than it was a couple of weeks ago, so there is progress. Under ideal circumstances, it would be posted in about 3 weeks. In the real world, it will probably be longer, but it's still visible in the distance.

            Sovran's blog: Status update (such as it is)

              I'm still alive. I'm taking two courses at once and sniffing around the job market, all of which are taking up a lot of time. I'm also having to do some spring-related work on the house, which is taking up even more time. I have a wife around here somewhere, and she seems to like to take up my time. I've recently discovered that sleep is, in fact, necessary, and it takes up a shocking amount of time if you let it.

              So I have very little time.

              Sovran's blog: Post-edit to M2:24

                An astute reader (Ichtys) noticed that I made a rather glaring error in Chapter 24. I had Dumbledore introduce Hagrid to the Grangers as though they had never met. They had indeed met, however, back in chapter 9 when Hagrid broke up the fistfight between Arthur and Lucius. Normally, I really don't like making substantive changes to a chapter after it's posted, but in this case I think it's called for.

                Sovran's blog: Status Update

                  Basically: stalled

                  My life has taken a turn for the busy in the last few weeks, and it's going to last for at least another week. I've had almost no time to work on writing, aside from the short bits of The Contract we've posted (much of which were already written or which Josh originally drafted). Chapter 24 of MoO2 is in the beta process, but it's waiting for me to have time to do the first-round revisions. Chapter 25 is outlined but waiting on ch24.

                  Sovran's blog: Top three reasons...

                    Top three reasons why I like Metafic:
                    1. People here aren't stupid.
                    2. People here don't assume that I'm stupid.
                    3. When I post a comment like this, a reasonable portion of people who read it will know what I mean. Which is not quite the same as #1.

                    Ahh. I feel better now.

                    Sovran's blog: HP Parodies from Sluggy Freelance

                      Sluggy, which is the source material for Bun-bun, did a set of parodies of the first four HP books. I re-read them recently, and I thought others might enjoy them also. Prior knowledge of the Sluggy universe is helpful, but it's not really necessary to enjoy the parodies. Sadly, Bun-bun isn't in any of the stories, though I think he would show up in "books" 5-7.

                      Torg Potter and the Sorcerer's Nuts:

                      Torg Potter and the Chamberpot of Secretions:

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