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Rhetor's blog: "The Plausibility of Dragons" is live online!

    You can now read my sorta-allegorical, sorta-parody fantasy story "The Plausibility of Dragons" on Lightspeed Magazine! http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/the-plausibility-of-dragons/

    Rhetor's blog: "Keeping Tabs" Now Available Online

      My story "Keeping Tabs" can now be read at the online magazine Abyss & Apex.

      Keeping Tabs

      "Keeping Tabs" was both my Week 2 and Week 5 story at Clarion.

      Rhetor's blog: "Tenure Track" now available online!

        My short story "Tenure Track," which I wrote during Week 6 of Clarion (and which is composed entirely of documents!) is now available for free on Cosmos Online.


        Rhetor's blog: Free online fiction

          You can now find three stories of mine online for free:

          Rhetor's blog: Kickstarter: 3 days left, 69% funded

            My Kickstarter project ("Are you the agent or the controller?") is 69% funded, with three days remaining.

            I am awestruck and honored by the support I have received. A few days ago one of my friends publicized the project on Facebook, and two brand-new backers joined the gang as a result!

            But that last $791.22 is going to be crucial.

            Rhetor's blog: Fanfic Contest. Paid.

              John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton and Subterranean Press are offering to publish, and pay professional rates for, a winning fanfic entry based on the weird illustration appearing at this Web page:


              This is a benefit for the Lupus Alliance of America.

              It's also seriously twisted. Have fun.

              Rhetor's blog: My Boskone Schedule

                For those who are attending Boskone, here are the events for which I'm a scheduled participant:

                Rhetor's blog: "The Never Fair" is up on Niteblade

                  Issue #8 of Niteblade (June, 2009) is now up and available for public reading. My story "The Never Fair" is in it, together with Marge Simon's nifty illustration.

                  You can also purchase the whole issue as a PDF for $3.50, or make a donation to the zine.

                  Rhetor's blog: Another twitterfic

                    I'm going to get another twitterfic posted, this time on Thaumatrope. They tell me it'll run on December 5, 2009. (I'm impressed that they're booked that far in advance!)

                    Rhetor's blog: Twitterfic on Nanoism

                      The twitterzine Nanoism is going to publish (and pay me for) a 140-character (23 word) fic on May 29th. You can see it on their web site or on Twitter.

                      The pay is only $1.50, but that amounts to 6½¢ / word, which is more than the SFWA "pro" rate.

                      On a similar note, the only money I ever made in the professional theatre was 25¢ a guy tipped me when I was ushering at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. I think I still have the actual quarter...

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