Sovran's blog: Realization about Seventeen and Phoenix

    I recently started re-reading some of my old short stories. When I got to Seventeen - always a favorite of mine - I remembered that I had once considered writing a sequel showing Harry's return from the war. I bounced those ideas around a little and then decided to let them sit and see what would happen. A little later, I realized that in the most important ways, I'd already written that sequel in Phoenix.

    rbackwards's blog: Metafic is pretty sleepy

      I say this because I miss the activity and because I realized that the version of my story up here differs slightly from the ff dot net version. I'm pulling in the chapters for safety...

      Meaning of One, Part Two: Chambers and Secrets - Chapter 27: Images by Sovran

        Chapter number: 

        Chapter 27: Images

        They ached. Every inch of their body felt as though it were being pressed down by crushing stone, and their mind was clouded and sluggish. Somewhere, people were speaking excitedly, but their voices were too far away to understand. Gradually, they became aware that the hazy glow ahead of them was bright light shining through their eyelids. At the same moment, they realised that their eyes were dry and scratchy, and they blinked instinctively.

        parakletos's blog: Tiger Stripes

          Another one-shot that has been lingering on the hard drive has been polished up and published.


          Harry finds post-war Britain is not the land flowing with milk and honey he'd thought it would be. And so he takes off to France and learns to enjoy the sun & sand in the all together. Life changes dramatically when Ginny finally tracks him down.

          Rhetor's blog: "The Plausibility of Dragons" is live online!

            You can now read my sorta-allegorical, sorta-parody fantasy story "The Plausibility of Dragons" on Lightspeed Magazine!

            parakletos's blog: Worth a Thousand Words?

              A one shot I wrote last year is now available at the normal places.

              So, England finally won the World Cup, but at what price? A bittersweet piece.




              parakletos's blog: Anyone still writing?

                Its been a while since I posted an entry and even longer since I published anything. I have loads of ideas but preciously little time/energy/inclination to thresh out the idea into something bigger. I allow stories to grow in my head but it appears that once i have let the thing loose in my brain that it enough and it fades from memory never to take form again.

                I do have to add that it is the same with my songwriting but at least musically I've been working on learning scales for the first time in life/

                parakletos's blog: Sins of the Fathers

                  In a move that surprised anyone my plan to finish writing the story by the end of 2014 failed miserably. However, I did do enough so that a recent break enabled me to finish what should be the penultimate chapter. I say should be, because I am thinking that the final chapter may get split in two. It's taken me 5,000 words to set the scene and I know that word count will increase when I begin to revise it. A lot of commercially published works have chapters of 10k words or more, but this is fanfic and apart from a few honourable mentions 10k is rare.

                  parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers Chapter Twelve

                    The next chapter is up at Phoenix Song for those interested. In an effort to bring the whole thing to a end, I've skipped one of the chapters I'd originally planned. TBH it was a bit dull as it was all reflection by the characters, but only time will tell if the narrative falls over because of its absence.


                    parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers (or excuse me whilst I muse on my writing)

                      The next chapter is on the verge of being posted and work is underway on the final two chapters of the story.

                      When I started this story, I kept the timeline straightforward and, more importantly, the thing was plotted out. Ill heath and other issues have meant that six years later I still haven't finished it. Once I started to work on the final chapter (the two chapters are being written at the same time) I felt a real lifting of the burden of having two unfinished chapters and my thoughts started to turn to the next project.

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